About Me

About Me

I LOVE food.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and most of my free time was centered around food – Whether if it was spending time in my kitchen, going out to eat, watching food channels or reading about food.  I knew I had the passion about the culinary world to take it to the next level.  At the time the little light bulb went on, I was working as an Accounting & Finance Recruiter.  I never saw a future in this industry and dreading going to work every day was starting to ware on me.  I was about to turn 30 and I knew this would be the best time in my life to enroll at Kendall College.  I knew I would always wonder “What If” if I didn’t attend Culinary School.  I completed a 1 year program in December 2011 and it opened many doors for me. One being my current job — I’m the Midwest Key Account Manager for a fresh herb company. One of the many perks includes access to freshly cut herbs, so you’ll see I use herbs often in my recipes to provide flavor.

In my free time, I spend time with my husband, our dog, working out and creating recipes for everyone to try. I’m often asked “Can you send me the recipe??” So in order to cut my emails down, I created this blog. I hope you enjoy the recipes I post and you’ll come back often!

Here is my blog schedule:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – Recipes. Could be anything — what I had for dinner,desserts, snacks or breakfast ideas.
  • Friday – #Follow Friday. This post will highlight a blogger I’m “crushing on” and you should, too!
  • Tuesday – Trying to figure out what to do. Maybe a Pinterest Day??